They say that if you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life. I believe this is true. If you are passionate about your work, your life will be fulfilled in ways you cannot imagine. When you are passionate about what you do, it feels like a privilege. It’s something you can hardly wait to do. I used to work in the corporate world, in a job that challenged me but never made my heart sing. It was a career that eventually wore me down and wore me out.  Since leaving that environment I have been fortunate enough to find my true passion. It didn’t happen in my 30’s or 40’s, but it did happen. Its never too late to follow your dreams and find your passion!

Spending time doing something that fills your heart, that lifts you and makes you proud, something that you know is worthwhile and important, changes your life. It changes every aspect of your life and your relationships. The big question is how do you find YOUR passion? Once you find it, how do you integrate it into your life? Good questions.

What excites you? What makes your heart sing?

What are your interests? What would you like to spend more time on? What is the thing / the activity / the quest that will make you happier in life? Where do you want to focus your thoughts and energy? What draws you in? What does your gut tell you? What makes you happy?  It may take some soul searching and a lot of thought to figure this out.

It may not be your current job. It may not be in your area of expertise or the subject of your studies. Don’t feel compelled to think within the box. Just spend time thinking about if you could do anything in the world, what would you do? Let your imagination run wild, and allow your emotions speak to you. I am not suggesting you throw away your career or job, but simply that you do some real soul searching to see where your passions lead you. It might be that your passion becomes your hobby for a while, until you are able to morph it into an income earning opportunity. That’s OK. Just find it first and then figure things out.

What soothes you?

When you feel the need to re-energize, settle your mind or lift your mood, what do you find yourself yearning to do? Listen to or create Music? Art? Nature? Gardening? Running? Reading a good book? Walking your dog? Tennis? Working out? Yoga? Karate? Golf? Baking? Cooking? Think of what you like to do when you need to decompress. What works when you need to let off steam or frustration or create a sense of ease and calm in your life. This might be your passion. Let your imagination take over again. Be aware and note what comes to mind. How does it make you feel?

What makes you angry?

Is there an injustice that you would like to change in the world? Are there local or community issues that you feel need to be addressed? Do you see unfairness or inequality and want to change the way things work? Do you recognize discrimination and want to eliminate it? Is there something that happens to you in your daily life that you feel is wrong and you want to change it for the better? You don’t have to take on the world to feel like you are contributing something worthwhile. You can and should start small. Start in your neighborhood, in your community and work up to bigger things in your life.

How can you integrate your passion into your life?

We are not all fortunate enough to be able to earn our living working in the field that we are most passionate about. It is something that you can work towards, if you are aware and willing to follow your heart. Look for opportunities to do volunteer work in your community. Most volunteer groups are desperate for others who share their ideals and are willing to spend time working towards change.  Take courses or join a club to find like-minded people and learn more about the subject of your interest. Surround yourself with people who share your values and passions and good things will happen.

The Results

When we integrate our values and passions into our lives it changes us. We become happier and more fulfilled. Whether it is a career or volunteer work, we feel as if we are contributing something worthwhile. We feel we are making a difference. We feel that we are fulfilling a purpose. We don’t have to change the world to feel this. It doesn’t have to be something BIG or something that we do full-time. Being involved with your passion will change you, and the change in you will impact those around you.  It doesn’t matter how much or how little time you spend following your passion, it will benefit you.  And who knows where it might lead? When you feel happy and fulfilled, when you have more energy and are open to the universe, you just might attract something that changes your world.

If my thoughts have made you think, or stirred interest, they may also have sparked a little fear. Give me a call (or send me an email) if you would like to chat with someone how has been there. I would be delighted to share a little more of my journey, and I how I dealt with my fears and doubts.