Is it possible to have balance in life? What does that mean to you? For me, it doesn’t mean spending the day on a couch eating bonbons! It doesn’t mean absolute equality of time spent working versus playing or spending time with family versus friends. However, I do have balance in my life.

What roles do you play?

We each have many roles to play in our lives. Especially we women. We are frequently juggling our time and our focus among many roles.  These roles might include wife, mother, grandmother, friend, employee, homemaker, cook, teacher, coach, mentor, lover, leader, singer, writer, reader, gardener, golfer, yogi and many others. Most of these roles are part of my life. And yet, I have balance!

How do you define Balance?

Balance does not mean that I have a lot of spare time to sit around and wonder what I should do next! Balance does mean that I have choices. I get to decide how and with whom I want to spend time. I am busy! I have a full family life, and a vibrant international business. Mine is a home-based business. It allows me the luxury and the privilege of scheduling my time according to the priorities of the day or the week. It requires discipline when your schedule is your own to create.  It also allows massive flexibility for urgent matters to be dealt with as they arise. Most things can be re-scheduled.

Discipline ensures balance

Discipline is required weekly, daily and hourly. I schedule my week in advance and spend time on Sunday evening reviewing the upcoming week with my spouse. We manage to agree on almost everything and occasionally one of us adjusts our agenda to support the other.  I start every morning with some personal development reading and 15 minutes of meditation. My next step is to review my agenda for the day and adjust anything that needs to be rescheduled or shifted.

Balance varies day to day

Some days my to-do list is lengthy and can feel almost impossible. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I review it.  I look for what can be put off until another day, and what can be delegated (to kids or spouse or paid help).  Having complete control of my daily agenda allows me to build health and self-care into the schedule. Every week I play three rounds of golf and attend three Bikram Hot Yoga classes. I like to take one day a week, to just wing it. It is usually Sunday. I try not to book anything for my business, and only schedule things like a long walk or hike, or a movie…but nothing that MUST be done. I leave the door open for a day of just hanging out!

Decision required

My life was not always this balanced. For many years I worked in the corporate world in a variety of stressful positions. For the last ten years of my corporate life I was very unhappy. I was stressed to the max, not sleeping well, eating take-out or frozen dinners, with no time for exercise or fun and little time for family when I was not exhausted. Something had to give! I left the corporate world at 47 years of age, not knowing what I would do next. I had the luxury of being able to take time to figure out that I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to get healthy. I wanted balance in my life. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to work with other women and help them to attain the same sorts of things that I valued.

Follow through

It took me a year to get healthy. I started to open myself up to opportunities that provided both time freedom and financial freedom. I wanted to enjoy my life, have balance, and still contribute to society and the world. This is when I started my business in affiliation with an International Health and Wellness company. It is a decision that I am grateful for everyday of my life. Indeed, it is the second best decision of my life….second only to the decision to marry my husband of 35 years.

There are many lessons that I learned along the way. Ask for advice and help. Stay the course. Little steps. Plan. Hold yourself accountable. Hire help and expertise when you can. Although disappointment is inevitable, discouragement is a choice. Choose faith, belief, grit, gratitude, courage. Be bold. Chase your dreams. And you too can live a balanced life! A life of joy, contribution, giving back, enjoying health, having time, and finding balance.

I would be honored to help you find that balance.