Life Long Learning

What does Life-Long Learning mean?

I was first introduced to the idea of life-long learning shortly after I joined Arbonne. I admit that I was not particularly thrilled with the idea, I think because I did not understand what it meant. I think I associated learning with school and testing and the anxiety it caused. Or perhaps it was that, in my life in the corporate world, there was a massive amount of reading and lots of stress attached to my performance. I soon found out that life-long learning can and should be a joyful journey of discovery. It need not involve any stress or anxiety over the thought of testing. Learning brings me great joy and a depth of understanding in many areas of my life.

Virtual Learning

Today there are many ways that we can participate in a learning activity. I enjoy reading but I recognize that not everyone does. Today you can listen to audio books while walking, exercising or doing the laundry. Its easy. Just a phone or an mp3 player with a set of ear buds and you are in business. A particularly well-known app is Audible. There is a very wide range of books and topics available on this app.   One of my good friends has a busy life and two dogs that she walks daily. She finds that she doesn’t have much time to read, but she listens to audio books for an hour a day while she walks her dogs. That’s two birds with one stone kind of thing – 1) getting some great exercise and 2) learning something new.

We can also learn by watching videos online today. There are many different options available.  I recommend the Ted Talk by Mel Robbins as a start. She is the author of a recent book that I read, “The 5 Second Rule”. This book can change everyone and anyone’s life in an extremely positive and easy way. I highly recommend it. I also had the great privilege of seeing her speak live at a recent Arbonne conference. She brought the roof down!!


Reading is my preferred method of learning. I sit every morning in a quiet spot before I start my day and read for 30 minutes. I get up an hour earlier than necessary to give myself this quiet time for planning, meditation and learning. I have always been someone who loves to read, so it is easy for me. I always have a highlighter in my hand while I am reading a book that I want to learn from. My books are full of highlights, tabs and notes in the margins. I know from experience that this is the way that I will retain what I read. I always have another book on the go at the same time. Usually a best seller of some sort. This is my late-night reading! I read to learn and expand my horizons, and for pure entertainment. All of my learning activities have made me a better person, a better friend, a wiser businesswoman.  Learning on a continual basis has enhanced my life beyond measure.

What to learn

Learn about anything that interests you. It might be gardening, parenting, painting, cooking, photography, health, happiness, nutrition, travel. These are just a few of the topics that I have read about or watched training videos (with cooking or baking it is always easier to watch the technique rather than just read about it). I also listen to training calls for my business. You get to choose what you want to learn. Start today. Set aside 20 – 30 minutes a day to learn something new. You get to choose which method of learning suits you and your lifestyle. The point is to keep your mind active. To continue to grow as a human being. To learn something new that you can put into practice. Just learn.